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      I am Professor and Chair of Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting and Co-Director of the Center for Leadership and Values at California Lutheran University. Prior to joining California Lutheran University, I served as a Senior Economist for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Back in early 1980’s I was the Director General of the Department of Economic Studies and Policies of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran.

     During the last two decades I have become more focused on the economic analysis of social issues and published in professional and popular journals as well as books edited on such topics. My research endeavors on the subject of investing in children resulted in publication of multiple pioneering studies on the economic impact of Boys & Girls Clubs of America in a number of states and metropolitan areas within the USA. In all of my recent studies on children and youth, there is a strong emphasis on the impact of socio-economic status (SES) of children on their academic performance and social behavior and their opportunity to be successful in their lives as they grow up.

     I served as a consultant for a number of national and international organizations. They include United Nations Development Program, United Nations Office of Project Services, Boys & Girls Clubs, Public Health, First 5, United Way, Blue Cross, Blue Shield and other similar organizations. 

     My research background extends to analysis of macroeconomic and socio-economic issues in Iran, Middle East and North Africa. They include project and program design and evaluation, methods of capacity building during time of crisis, crisis prevention and recovery, causes of economic imbalances, aid coordination, privatization of industries, monetary and financial problems, and economic and social impact assessments of policies or institutional establishments.



  • Economic Analyses of Social Issues

  • Public Policy Analyses 

  • International Economics

  • Evaluation of Projects/Programs

  • Economic and Social Impact Assessment

  • Study of Quality of Life Issues


University of Surrey, England

Ph.D. in Economics


University of London, England

M. Phil. in Economics


University of Surrey, England

M. Sc. in Economics


University of Tehran, Iran

B. Sc. in Economics

Jamshid Damooei


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