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  • Reallocation of resources and COVID-19, Ed, Comprehensive Global Studies of COVID-19 Aftermath: Multidisciplinary Studies of the Consequences and Repercussions, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Springer Publishing Company (expected date September 2020).

  • Economics of the Debt Crisis and Its Impact on the Developing Countries, Ed , The Changing Landscape of Global Financial Governance and the Role of Soft Law, Brill Martines Nijhoff Publishers, June 2015. 

  • The True Value of Liberal Arts Education, Spring Editions, June 2015, Journal of Globalization for the Common Good Initiatives, Wilmington College, Ohio, USA

  • Economic Efficiency and Ethical Behavior: Exploring Ideas on the Creation of Economic Values, the Workings of a Virtuous Market, and the Role of Profit, December 2014, Journal of Globalization for the Common Good Initiatives, Wilmington College, Ohio, USA

  • Coauthored Batch-Level Costs in Activity-Based Costing Refinement, Optimization and Allocation (2009), International Business and economics Research Journal

  • Globalization: Is It the Promise for Greater World Economic Convergence and a Better and More Equitable Future for Developing Countries? Journal of Globalization for the Common Good, Spring of 2007. UK.

  • Coauthored Dimensions of Sustainable Diversity in Information Technology: Applications in the IT College Major and career Aspirations among Underrepresented High School Students of color, Goran Trajkoski, ed. (2006), Diversity in IT Education: Issues and Controversies, IDEA Group Publishers. 

  • Coauthored The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and Imports on Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Thailand and the Philippines (1970-1998), Journal of Developing Areas (spring of 2006).

  • Coauthored Stretching Horizons: Stimulating Information Technology Education, International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp 115-122, 2006. 

  • Analyzing Somalia’s Past and Present Economic Constraints and Opportunities for Creating a Conducive Future Economic Environment, Published in Hossein M. Adam and Richard Ford, ed. (1997). Mending Rips in the Sky: Options for Somali Communities in the 21st Century, Red Sea Press, USA. Also a synopsis of this paper appeared in IFTIN Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 4, June 1994.

  • Privatization:  The Concept and the Promise for the Third World Countries. A Discussion Paper presented at the CLU Global Trade Center Seminar on ‘Privatization and Business Opportunity in Eastern Europe’. It was also presented at the ‘Second Conference on Planning and Economic Development’ in Tehran, Iran on January 1993. The paper was published by the Institute for Research in Planning and Development of the Planning organization of Iran (Jan.1993), Proceedings of the Second Conference on Planning and Development. 

  • Where is the Vanishing Cash?  An Economic Study of the Recent Cash Shortages in Somalia's Banking System. United Nations Development Program, Published by UNDP Somalia Aug. 1989 also reappeared in ‘Industrial Management Review’ Vol.  8 No.1, 1990, Mogadishu

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