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State of the Region Report 2019

State of the Region Report 2017

The Boys and Girls Clubs in Ventura County: Serving the Economic Interests of the Region while Providing a Positive Place for Kids. 2014

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida. A Safe Place for Our Youth to Realize Their Creativity and Aspire to Become Productive, Caring and Successful Adults as They Grow Up. 2014

Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County, Florida. A Place Where Future Starts and Our Children Have the Opportunity to Develop Their Talents and Become Productive and Caring Adults. 2012

Investing in Our Youth, The Economic Impact of Boys & Girls Clubs in the State of California, 2011

Conejo Recreation and Park District: An Economic Engine of Ventura County and the State of California, 2009

Evaluation of the after-school programs with support from California After School Education and Safety (ASES) program for Port Hueneme School Districts in Southern California, 2008 through 2009

Workforce Issues in Manufacturing, 2008

Economic Impact of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme on the Community: A Study of the Return in Investing in Our Children, 2008

Wage and Job Trends: And their dynamics in Southern California by Sector at the County and SCAG Regional Level Since the 1970s, 2008

Ventura County and the Arts: Impact and Opportunity for Community, 2008.

Tobacco Smoke Choice in Housing: A Review of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Assisted Housing and a Survey of Many Mansions Housing Residents in Thousand Oaks, 2007

Regional study sponsored by Ventura County Public Health Agency: Terrorism Planning through the Eyes of the Public, 2005

Input/Output model to estimate impact of the North Campus Development at California Lutheran University: A Sound Investment in Improving the Quality of Life in Ventura County, 2005

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Community Profile of Ventura County 2020

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